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Wasp Hair- Designer Strips “Fine Line” range. This gentle tape hair extension system is currently taking the hairdressing industry by storm. Imagine being able to apply a full head of hair extensions in around 30 minutes!! Designer Strips are a permanent hair extension system that stays in the hair for 6-8 weeks. They are then removed and re–taped (up to 2 times). There are no beads or glue melted onto the hair, making them a gentle alternative to other hair extension methods. The Designer Strips are applied by attaching one strip to either side of the natural hair and pressed together. They are lightweight and sit completely flat to the head making them virtually undetectable even in the finest hair types. There are many ways in which to use our fine line range. Whether you wish to add length, thickness, highlights or low lights, the choices are endless. Designer strip hair is available in 18” & 22”, 10 pieces per pack, with 14 colours in the range. Each piece weighs approximately 2.3g.

Tape hair Step 1
Tape hair Step 2
Tape hair Step 3
Tape hair Step 4

Wasp Hair offer wholesale discounts to the hair and beauty industry. Please contact for further information. Fine line tape hair extensions are able to be re-applied by carefully removing the old tape and applying a piece of replacement tape to the top of each extension. Fine line tape Hair Extensions should be maintained ONLY by a trained professional, every 6-8 weeks. After care instructions should be followed at home to ensure the natural hair and the hair extensions are kept in good condition. WASP recommends that all hair extensions are maintained using WASP’s shampoo, conditioner and treatment range. The management and staff at WASP recommend that all permanent hair extensions should ONLY be applied by trained professionals.

Also read through the WASP hair extensions care sheet for Do’s and dont’s.


Available Colours:

Fine Line Colour 1
Fine Line Colour 1b
Fine Line Colour 2
Fine Line Colour 2a
Fine Line Colour 4
Fine Line Colour 6
Fine Line Colour 6-22








Fine Line Colour 8
Fine Line Colour 18
Fine Line Colour 18-613
Fine Line Colour 24
Fine Line Colour 613
Fine Line Colour 60
Fine Line Colour 99J