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WASP Reverse Conical Curling Iron

In 2012, the artistic team at Wasp developed a heat styling tool like no other. The reverse conical barrel ensures volume at the root area and a soft open wave at the ends. The barrel diameter starts at 4 cm and blends to 8 cm at its widest point. The lightweight slimline design and swivel handle, makes using the Wasp Reverse Conical wand a breeze. Set at a perfect 195 degrees, the Reverse Conical wand is the ideal temperature to eliminate frizz and lock in the curl. Measuring 30.35 cm in length makes it easy to manoeuvre and store.

Our team of acclaimed stylists highly recommend this wand for those individuals that struggle to achieve a perfectly tousled effect using other heat styling tools available to purchase in today’s market. And guarantee fast and fabulous results!

By sectioning the hair from the base of the neck and working upwards, wrap your hair over the wand and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Make sure to allow time for the hair to completely cool before styling with your fingers or a brush as this will increase the longevity of your style.

Our revolutionary Wasp Reverse Conical Wand is currently the tool of choice for many leading hairstylists across Australia as the styling possibilities of this amazing wand is endless and the results speak for themselves.

A brief tutorial is also available on our YouTube channel.

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